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 Welcome to Landscape Newfoundland and Labrador's Website for Industry Members

If you are looking for our consumer website, please visit

LNL was founded in March 1992 as a non-profit professional association of business owners and operators in the landscaping and horticultural (non-food) industry sector in this province.

Our Mission is threefold:

  1. To represent and promote the interests of our members in particular and of all sectors of the industry in general
  2. To provide a range of services and benefits to our members and to disseminate information and share knowledge within the industry generally on a regular timely basis 
  3. To provide such information, services and products to our customers that will promote and create sustainable, healthy and beautiful landscapes across Newfoundland and Labrador

"Our vision is one that promotes professionalism at all levels, and achieves the highest standards of excellence in delivery of services and products across all sectors of the Landscape/Horticultural Industry."